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Executives operating in Brittany and Pays de Loire,

. You and your desire to evolve:

>Find meaning in what you do

>Take action to make your projects and dreams happen

>Discard anxiety that clouds your talents

. Your need to step back and take perspective to:

>Learn to face reality in a changing world

>Appraise and profit from situation dynamics

>Move from a manager to a leader role

. Coaching: shedding light on your value-creation levers

>Find meaning in what you do?

>What if you needed a support point?

>Daring to change

>From Know thyself to Meet yourself

>Opting for cooperation

>Code of Ethics

>Coaching is based on psychotherapeutic processes

>What coaching is NOT

. Embodying principles: because this is about being human

>Choosing someone close (business, experience, location)

>Jean-Yves Besle: coach and executive


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)( - ormexis: a logo referring to Humanness and Progress

)( is the chinese character for Human


experience, lessons learned, know-how

consistency, renewal, energy

)( - ormexis: give impulse to your talents

"ormexis" combines the ancient greek words

HORMê and HEXIS meaning impulse (impetus) and talent (manner of being)

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about you and your needs for evolution


Executives & decision-makers from corporations and companies operating in the West of France

ceo's . hr heads . board members . business unit VP's . department heads . project leaders . line managers . marketers . engineers . scientists . experts. high potentials . consultants . outstanding personalities . trainers . corporate communicators . expatriates (expats) . managers in transition . spinoff founders . venture capital beneficiaries .

is it time for you to evolve?


creating meaning

Learn what matters to you . Unleash your abilities . Mature strategies . Exchange recognition . Take action, but to what purpose? . Create commitment . Rely on everyone's uniqueness .

One way. your way.

The Meaning you create is in your own image, it reflects your very identity

How close is what you do to who you are?

Do you allow your collaborators to find their own meaning to what they do?

The intelligence of what you do::

. structures you (unlike social status or salary)

. makes ownership, creativity, autonomy, cooperation and flexibility possible

. leads to commitment, originality and relations based on responsibility and fruitful confrontation

Executives, the value you seek to create directly depends on the good will, the responsibility and the humane intelligence of the persons who cooperate with you:

. Choose to allow your collaborators to exert their own sense of responsibility instead of inclining towards a logic of domination, control, surveillance and power

. Meaning flows through your organization if your authority is accepted freely and with intelligence by those who will create value

. You cannot "dictate" Meaning

. Meaning is created only by persons; neither by organizations nor hierarchies which play but a functional support role

take a look around you, and notice...

the way those who do not find meaning in their work feel weakened in their very being

and can:
. neither understand what they do,
. nor feel responsible,
. nor assess their own performance,
. nor find pleasure in their work,
. nor act on the distress, stemming from their sense of lost identity, which pervades all the domains of their life

and this holds true, even though they benefit from high wages and social acceptance, and feel secure or supported by the social system..

setting in motion

Tackle new challenges . Enhance your teams' cohesiveness . Foster leadership . Anticipate and write the score of change as you go . Organize, promote your projects . Allow new meanings to emerge

Acting consistently


> to access other possibilites

> to assess what seems to be an obstacle

> to encourage development> to make change a reality

>to negotiate and build a common reality

> to give birth to and evaluate new situations

take a look around you, and appraise...

< the energy spent in excess linked to misunderstood objectives

< the amount of reporting that has no tangible added value

< the work done to implement "solutions" to what is simply not "the" problem

< the energy used to maintain status quo

< the action undertaken in an untimely manner

< communication efforts which remain improductive

choosing serenity

Seek pleasure and creativity . Quit difficulty to cope, dead ends, passivity . Give up suffering, somatization disorder, aggression . Attain life balance . Decode power conflicts and emotional spirals .

Choosing your own life

choosing serenity

The very frailty of human beings...

their fallibility, hesitation, their difficulty to simply be, their necessity to begin again with every dawn, their limited physical and psychic energy, their need of other people the very source of their creativity

Efficiency is that frailty, accepted, protected by self-care and set in motion in cooperation with others

Executives: beware !

Denying human frailty leads to overselling hyperactivity and the desire to resemble the icon of the supposedly omnicompetent "supermanager", capable of idealized rationality and perfection. This entails fears and repressed distress, violence, avoidance, manipulation, compensation, isolation

Frailty cannot be "managed", manipulated or used. Denying it is to adopt an unrealistic ideologue's attitude which guarantees the development of personal difficulties and overall incompetency

No change of organization can lower human frailty

"Weakness" is the inability to intelligently accept frailty.

take a look around you, and appraise...

he way rapidity, effort, pressure, perfection, endurance are valued...

...with respect to their tangible effects on operational efficiency and on the physical and psychic balance of people.

your ways to make change an ally


Executives & decision-makers, is your world changing?

financial pressure . short-term business pragmatism . globalization . demanding and disloyal markets . decision-maker loneliness . multi-domain project teams . collective objectives vs. individualized evaluations . instability of organizations, roles, missions and people . middle management empowerment .

how about stepping back to gain perspective?


tuning your vision

Fathom situations as they are (vs. as they appear to you) . Sort out what depends on you and what does not . Discover what sets you in motion . Lead your projects with self-consistency ..

Being here and now

have you ever noticed...

that the way you embrace a scenery

depends on your mood, your hopes, your worries, your own memories

what does that tell you of your analysis of any situation?

of the way you see other people? and yourself?

What's at stake here is learning the ability of "being present", so that you may see "what is", rather than project your wishes, your dreams, your regrets etc.

That quality of presence is where your work, your relationship to other people take place

Sharing our ways to see whilst being present is what makes cooperation possible

And it is through cooperation that human b?ings become conscious of their own ways to see, i.e. of who they are

act wisely

Identify and seize opportunities thriving within situations . Give up useless hostility, "solutions" and expectations . Take responsibility for your own balance in accordance with your own values .

Ride the current

acting wisely

. in a timely way

. using the dynamics of the present situation

. telling constructive action from fruitless overactivity

. observing the way understanding also comes with taking action

. in cooperation, i.e. welcoming the views of other persons to bring collective intelligence to bear

. learning from the gap between your predictions and the situation as it is after the action has been taken

. accepting that the original objective may be redefined at any time

. to experiment

"Wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst
Das Rettende auch"

Friedrich Hölderlin

"But where danger is,
Also grows what saves."

act as a leader

Make change a reality . Rely on people . Stimulate autonomy, negotiation, quest for purpose and sharing of meaning . Harmonize and foster adhesion . Help people grow . Create loyalty

Act as a music conductor

today, acting as a leader, means acting as a music conductor

. harmonizing energies and negotiating collaboration from multiple partners

. allowing persons to give their own meaning to their projects so that they feel momentum and so that they, in turn, feel nourished by their projects

. recognizing the "value" of persons: adhesion stems from understanding differences existing between persons:

. negotiating the performance of persons

. identifying talents and wishes to take up challenges, eliciting and developing them for a timely deployment

. hiring and retaining high potentials and outstanding personalities, by enabling them to take control of their own evolution

. encouraging collaborators who lack a sense of purpose, to seek personal development

. knowing themselves and taking care of their own balance (including their emotions)

Leadership is a relational competency

take a look around you and see
the way that status-based managers::

. prefer familiar problems to change, whose learning dimension they ignore,
. objectify people and consider them as interchangeable,
. carry on driving projects towards objectives made obsolete by the evolution of the environment,
. work at replicating solutions rather than looking deeper into problem roots,
. favor activity "silos" to cross-domain cooperation,
. are obsessed with control

the coach sheds light on fixed points you can leverage your talents from


Executives & decision-makers,

these are your

value creation levers:

your energy, your focus, your talents

what if you needed a support point?

"Give me a support point
and I will move the Earth."



choosing support

Professionalism . Stimulating place of recourse . Solid Code of Ethics . Strategic option reviews . Career evolution . New challenges . Management, interpersonal and personal difficulties . Stress .

Daring to change

Code of Ethics

Ormexis commits:

. to be bound by professional secret

. to use all appropriate means to allow the supported person to achieve the progress he or she is in a position to reach

. to have their practice regularly supervised by a qualified professional

. not to restrict their modus operandi to any particular approach or technique

. to assist the sole clients whose ethics fairly take into account:

:: the diversity of people and talents

:: the consistency anyone may find between their work and the meaning of their life

. to verifiy the request for support explicitly made by the person to be supported

. to leave that person the full responsibility of his or her own choices

. to adapt their interventions to the particular development pace of that person

. to ethically use their position of influence

"Doing without taking credit,
Guiding without interfering"


. to pay attention to the culture of the organization where the supported person works

. to set up a feedback session with the client in agreement with the supported person

. to direct the supported person to a medical professional, should his or her state require it.

choosing support is to dare to learn to see differently,
through free word association and gradual experimentation

The coach is your initial support point, whose objective is that you reach your autonomiy at your own pace. So that you may find support within yourself.

Professional coaching is somewhat new in today's French corporate world. As is the case for all new professions, each professional works in a particularly unique way.

The coach establishes with the person he or she supports, a relationship that encompasses all aspects of his or her personality, including experience, sensitivity, manner of being

It is up to you to select a coach with whom a relationship made of trust and professionalism can be established.

work on yourself

Based on psychotherapeutic principles . Managerial know-how . Face to face sessions . Focused conceptual framework . Unveiling resources and obstacles . Self awareness . Guidance to autonomy .

Learning who you are

why "therapeutic"?

. Because this is about taking care of yourself

The word "therapy" stems from the ancient greek THERAPEIA, meaning: respect, attention, consideration, care

. Because your various life domains communicate

. Your manner of being colors and structures each moment of your life, whatever your different roles may be (work, family etc.)

. Because numerous aspects of your manner of being remain unknown to you ...

... and you will discover some of them

"There are two sorts of humans. At least, superficially. Those who are aware of the existence of the unconscious. And the others, who think they are the way they are."

Ghislain Devroede
Professor of Surgery,
University of Sherbrooke (Québec)

Coaching means working on yourself

This is about developing your consistency,

i.e. your capacity to adopt attitudes appropriate with regard to persons or situations whilst consistent with your manner of being

Primarily, this means growing more conscious, at your own pace, of your identity, talents, values, needs (in particular for recognition), of the consistency between your intentions and your behavior

For Ormexis, coaching is not about:

. acting "in your place", which would be to rob you of your responsibility

. teaching how to internalize objectives you do not adhere to or consent to what seems expected from you

?p>. disseminating any "ready-to-think"

. abating your capacity to criticize

. giving "motivation" talks attempting to convey a predefined meaning

. training, which concerns know-how, and patricularly "management" methods - e.g. pertaining to time, stress, personality types etc - which do not call for your engagement in personal evolution

. explaining "company values" which would have to do with public relations

. conducting evaluation or career interviews, which seldom shed lights on talents which are real but ignored so long as they are not seen as pertinent to the person's field of expertise

. providing particular "advice" relative to a given problem you might face in your job or your life

understanding diversity

Any organization reflects human beings and their interactions . Each person gives a specific meaning to reality . Using emotions as a compass . Diversity strongly enhances employee commitment .

Choosing cooperation

seeing better together

each of us contributes, in his or her own way, to shed light on a given situation

... including on the "blind spots" of others

cooperating means having understood:

. that, in human matters, what we hold as absolute "truths" often are but fragments, colored by our own way to look, at a given time, in a given context

. that learning to talk, to listen to, and to hear one another, is what may lead us to create and enhance a common reality

Any human relationship is "intercultural"

executives, enhance your vision

take a look around you and note...

the way each of us has his or her own idea of notions deemed "factual" as:
. performance,
. success,
. objectives,
. organization

a coach close to you, and your line of business


Executives & decision-makers

operating in the West of France

how about, for a change,

choosing someone familiar?


Jean-Yves Besle

Jean-Yves Besle

. Certified professional coach

. Specifically trained to counseling in the work place

. Committed, challenging, dedicated, empowering, effective listener, innovator

. Long history of psychological support to managers of all levels

. Trained as a scientist (chartered engineer)

. 25-year experience in
international management in high-tech corporations

. Director of large-scale global projects in multicultural contexts

. Working knowledge of management styles of major cultures



Ormexis is a Member of MEITO (Mission pour l'Electronique, l'Informatique, et les Télécommunications de l'Ouest)

Jean-Yves Besle is a Member of ICF (International Coach Federation)

Jean-Yves Besle is a Member of AmCham France (American Chamber of Commerce)

Jean-Yves Besle > culture

Customer culture

High-tech culture

Project culture

Diversity culture

Psychology culture

Philosophy culture

Ormexis: overview of services

> Coaching

individual coaching

. development:

- curative and/or preventive

- personal, relational, managerial, strategy aspects

. ongoing support

- long-term, regular support in spaced sessions

. cultural adjustment

- for expatriates (expats)

- languages: french, english, spanish

. Supervision

- support for collaborators with a mentor role

team and board / excom coaching

. operations assessment

- leadership, processes, persons & relationships,
mission and strategy, production, environment

. team regulation

- helping a collection of individuals mature to a cohesive team exerting co-responsibility

- including for distributed and/or multicultural teams

. conflict mediation

- undercover, emerging or full-blown

- between collaborators or overseeing managers

. "dry run" facilitation

- preparation of team key events and milestones

development & consistency:

. leadership

- stepping up to a "music conductor role"

. coaching attitude

- become a manager who will assure staff growth

. intercultural management

- learning to hear one another and to hear other cultures



. managerial communication

- reporting styles, executive summaries, presentations, meetings


> Evaluation:

focused hiring evaluation

.staff or candidate screening

-assessment vs. a given position in a given environment


Every intervention is co-constructed
with the client in his or her own context at a given time and does not consist in any way in the delivery ex professo of any "standard" method or tool claiming to any "mechanical" efficiency in human matters.

ormexis: values

. Each of us has the responsibility to create the means to act consistently with the purpose of our own life.

. This responsibility calls for a duty to:

- recognize and develop our own talents

- select the projects and companies we wish to collaborate with, in accordance with our own values

. The commitment of collaborators reflects the meaning they each give to their mission, and is a key factor to a company's sustainable performance

Ormexis supports executives committed to social responsibility.

Ormexis supports executives committed to social responsibility:

. Humanness is the source and the heart of economy and not vice-versa

- the claim to "manage" humanness in the short term, as if it were a material resource or a mere economical adjustment variable, leads to lack of commitment, wait-and-see, loss of competencies and talents i.e. loss of productivity, profitability, attractivity, reputation

-outsourcing or rightsizing operations may, in particular, be prepared in a timely way, by raising the consciousness of employees that change is continuous and that it is their responsibility to consider appropriate training or new career paths

. Company projects are to be co-constructed and sponsored

- the development of collective competencies, talents and personal self-knowledge increases the company assets

- the understanding of, and real adhesion of collaborators to the goals of their daily actions are powerful success levers

. Companies are also a place of social construction based on values, common projects and managerial principles

-?ompanies cannot "dictate" meaning, but they can allow the co-construction de meaning by their collaborators

. A social responsibility policy must produce tangible results, for shareholders as well as managers and collaborators

- the only values that count are those daily behavior is based on (as opposed to mere declarations with an ethical or humanistic pretense)


thinking of future sailings to discover new lands?

get a fix and plot your course today.


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